Network Marketing is a Journey

For many, one of the appeals of network marketing is the riches promised in many ads. Unfortunately, what often happens is the riches don’t come quickly enough and the distributor leaves the industry.

I am the first to agree that you most certainly can earn money in network marketing; however I also believe that in general, network marketing is a wonderful journey.

When you change your mindset to the journey and take your focus off the potential income, you’ll find incredible growth occurs. This growth will be both personal and professional.

Network marketing is about people. It’s a people business. When you work with people on regular basis you begin to learn more about people in general and also more about yourself.

Along your journey, you’ll develop communication skills, listening skills, sales skills and overall people skills.

As you develop a team, you begin to develop leadership skills that might not have been present prior to your decision to join a network marketing company. I have taken several classes designed to help me learn how to best work with each of the different personality styles. These classes have been some of the most rewarding I’ve ever taken.

Some skills will come with practice and what I call “on the job training.” Other skills will come through reading, seminars and company conventions.

Often times, network marketing companies offer industry specific information. When I began in network marketing, I was selling cosmetics and skin care. I learned so much about these items from the company. Though I no longer sell these products, I still have the knowledge I gained and can still use and share that knowledge.

How to Use Social Networking in Your Chiropractic Marketing

Using Social Networking Sites to Market a Chiropractic Practice
Marketing can be a costly and difficult process of trial and error that can take time away from the office and patients, and result in very little value. Many chiropractors want to know if there are any methods of marketing that don’t involve a great deal of expense, and that can take them directly to their potential patients. The answers to such questions lie in social networking.

What is social networking?

Very few people remain completely unaware of such social networking websites as Myspace and Facebook, but most people are unable to explain exactly what social networking means. Fundamentally, social networking websites began for both business and social opportunities. They are online groups or communities with shared interests, businesses, religions or other subjects.

Each member of a social network will be obliged to create a profile or page on the network, which contains relevant information about themselves and their interests or experience. This helps to identify those who may have shared views, needs or social connections, which are ultimately the reason for joining a social networking website. Profile pages also allow professionals to itemize their background and project themselves into the marketplace.

Business professionals and entrepreneurs have begun to use the technologies and systems behind social networking to market their products or services. This means that qualified specialists, such as chiropractors, should also be looking into the marketing potential of social networking websites as well.

One of the key benefits about marketing through social networking locations is that they are free of charge, requiring only the time of the chiropractor to create, maintain and frequently update their profiles. It is important for the chiropractor to always remember that they are directly communicating with their target audience, so up to date, professional and timely materials are an absolute necessity.

The following pages will provide summary explanations about registering with and using some of the most well-known social networking websites for marketing purposes, but there are some general guidelines to follow for any location. These include:

· Being very mindful about the layout, design and content of the profile page. Do not clutter it with unnecessary information, or fill it with material that requires a great deal of time to load. It may be a good idea to seek professional assistance for this particular procedure, since many free page layout templates or “skins” are heavily loaded with advertisements and links that may be inappropriate and/or unprofessional. Use only high quality graphics, images and backgrounds. This is especially important if a chiropractor will use an image of themselves, or their staff, on their profile.

· Using a real name for the profile. For example, “Dr. Robert P. Sussman” is much more appropriate and professional than “Fix My Back Please!” In fact, if your real name is available as a username it is the best choice for the profile, and may allow potential clients to find the page much faster.

· Using your profile page to adequately introduce potential patients and new “friends” to both yourself and your practice. This is no time to be shy or reticent, and if awards have been won or recognition given, then mention that on the profile. Be sure that a working link to your professional home page is included in the profile information. Fill the available profile space only with truly valuable content. Some professionals use a “newsletter” format to update patients and friends with weekly tips, etc at their websites. This can easily be transferred to a social networking profile page. Alternately, a chiropractor could alert all of their “friends” to a new EBook, download or other item available from their profile. For example a chiropractor could post “Ten Exercises for a Healthier Back is now available for downloading at Myspace” on their updates.

· Investigating doing an RSS of a professional blog to each profile. This can save time while keeping a profile up to date.

· Frequently participate in discussions, without constantly referring to your practice. Engaging intelligently in discussions where questions to common chiropractic questions are posed may direct visitors back to your profile and eventually in for a visit. Additionally, many fellow members of a group or network will gladly visit and comment at your profile location, which may result in increased search engine traffic.

· Look for and join groups or forums that will have specific needs or interests in chiropractic discussions and services. This is one of the wisest and best ways to get the most out of a social networking site.

· Be professional rather than casual in all posts and replies, and remember to always check spelling and grammar. Never, under any circumstances, engage in rude or unprofessional behavior. For example, posting a negative critique of another chiropractor’s response to a question can be a very damaging method of communicating a professional opinion. Such things are best kept off of a social network website. Also choose to have emails sent when anyone leaves a message on your page, as this allows a timely response to their enquiry.

· Researching those asking to become a “friend” on your profile. This is social networking of course, but it is important to be affiliated only with those who hold appropriate credentials, interests or who will not harm the development of a wider patient base.

· Visiting the social networking sites regularly, meaning at least two to three times each week. Plan on responding within others’ discussions and updating information on your own page at each visit.

· Including the contact information and URLs for all of your social networking pages in brochures, flyers, advertisements or other materials frequently given to new or existing patients.

With such “tips” in mind, you will be able to begin creating affective profile pages at some of the best social networking websites on the Internet. Before beginning to do so however, a final concept must be discussed – “indirect marketing”.

Internet Beginners Must Use Fast Learn Viral Marketing Techniques to Earn Money Quick

Internet beginners need to learn how to be entrepreneurs. A good entrepreneur is a leader who has the character and the credibility to create a vision, get others to see that vision, and follow the vision through to realization. In order to do that, you need to be sure you are on your business and not in your business. Then, using viral marketing techniques, you can blast ahead of the others.

Mind mapping is the key. Use mind mapping for success in your business. You can fast earn internet riches by using internet marketing mind maps which create the vision and the exact steps to follow to reach that vision.

In that way, when you are in your business, you are viewing your business from above and around. You know where you are going and what it will take to get there from whatever point you are at. When you mind map internet marketing using viral marketing techniques, you are several steps ahead of the current operations and goings on and you are aware of who is doing what and when and how their steps fit into the whole.

If you are in your business, you are so stuck in the details and day to day operations of the venture that you have no idea what the intentions or consequences of your actions are. You cannot be both. It just does not work. It is impossible to earn money quick this way.
When you mind map your business planning, it causes you to pace your business for the future. You guide the ultimate direction of your company by viewing its daily operations from where it is supposed to be headed. Your mind maps give you the exact steps to follow. Mind mapping lets you always have a vision of what and where you are headed.

Future pacing requires sequencing, doing the right thing at the right time. Leaders who use mind mapping can see the right steps and are way ahead of the game. Using mind maps allows you to be efficient and make your highest and best use of your time. If you are dredging your way through details or floating around unsure what to do next, then you are not able to make best use of your time. Viral marketing techniques move you ahead at lightening speed. Without having a mind map to reference, you will lose out on the momentum you have created.

It is your job to anticipate the climate around your business and propel it in a direction where it benefits from the movement of things around you. Reactive leaders constantly play catch up and there is nothing less productive. But, by following your viral mind maps, you keep focused and headed in the right direction at all times. If you want to fast earn internet riches, learn how to use mind mapping software.

I’ve combined my experiences into a unique niche – improving your mindset and your marketing both, at the same time. They happen at the same time, so it makes sense to look at them at the same time.

One of my specialties is mind mapping for success. Mind mapping is the Key. My internet marketing mind maps give you mind map business planning and mind map life coaching. Save tons of time and effort, follow my viral marketing techniques and create info products for beginners. And learn how to use free mind mapping software. Watch free movies at []

Tips on How to Use Email Marketing During a Slow Economy

Email marketing is one of the most effective and versatile methods for marketing your business during an economic recession. Its low cost and ease of implementation make it ideal for small and growing businesses as well as larger and more established organizations. The unique flexibility of this marketing platform also allows for a greater degree of experimentation and accountability than other options.

Maintaining a regular e-mail contact with your customers helps to builds familiarity and credibility for your business. This is particularly important in times of economic stress because people tend to be more careful about who they spend their money with. When you have an established presence in your customers’ minds, they will feel more comfortable making expenditures on your products or services because they will see you as a consistent and reliable vendor.

A great way to do this setting up an autoresponder series that provides useful, relevant information to each new subscriber over a period of weeks or months. Once you have set up such a series, it literally runs itself, allowing you to effortlessly build trust with your clients by offering them education and advice that reinforces their need to utilize your products and services. You can maximize the benefit of these and other types of mailings by targeting them to specific subgroups within your mailing lists to ensure that every piece of e-mail your clients receive from you applies directly to them.

On top of this, an active mailing list allows you the luxury of instant publicity for your sales and promotions. The messages you send out arrive directly in the inboxes of the people who you already know are most interested in what you have to offer. The benefit of this is two-fold: you will experience a much higher conversion rate with this type of message than less targeted forms of marketing, and will also realize more word-of-mouth advertising due to the increased loyalty that you will see from your mailing list subscribers.

As I have mentioned, cost is also a major advantage of e-mail marketing. By purchasing software products for email marketing, you can send out unlimited mailings for nothing more than the cost of hosting. There is no need to pay per recipient or per impression as there would be with traditional direct mail or advertising programs. On a shoestring budget and in a relatively short amount of time, you can now achieve the type of reputation that would previously have required years of prohibitively expensive marketing effort.